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TechGrow S-2 sensor / 2.000PPM
TechGrow S-2 sensor / 2.000PPM
249,00 €
This sensor measures CO2 and detects light. The S-2 is compatible with all TechGrow CO2 controllers. The sensor is equipped with a built-in calibration function so you can calibrate the CO2 sensor against outdoor air. The calibration menu is only accesible through a CO2 controller. Also equipped with a built-in switch to prevent unwanted calibration. All of the TechGrow controllers and sensors (except for the Temp probe) are connectable to each other to guarantee an optimal user experience. It is possible to connect all controllers with each other, so that you can control your entire climate with the use of an TechGrow S-4 sensor Since each device has 3 UTP connectors it is not only possible to connect all controllers, but also to connect for example a Data logger DL-1. The sensor can be plugged into any UTP connector. The regular TechGrow sensors are the same as the sensors from the TechGrow Pro Series and can therefore be used for controllers from the Pro Series.

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