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SolDigital Super HPS 400w
SolDigital Super HPS 400w
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25,50 €

400w spna poltin. Magneettisille ja digitaalisille virtalähteille.
PAR =1160 (umol/m2/s)

Not only do Sol-Digital lamps feature a lumen output that’s above the competition, they’re also optimized to maintain consistent light spectrums when used at different wattages with adjustable ballasts. Very highly recommended!

  • Released after an exhaustive research program
  • Engineered to maintain consistent spectrums at various output settings
  • Also highly effective when used with magnetic ballasts
  • Features a PAR value of 700 umol/m2/s
  • Delivers great results in both veg and flower
  • Can be fixed vertically or horizontally

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