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Sunkraft HPS600W PLUS
Sunkraft HPS600W PLUS
Sunkraft HPS600W PLUS
Sunkraft HPS600W PLUS
35,00 €

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Power: 600W
Luminous Flux: 90 000lm
Color Temperature: 2000K
Lamp Voltage: 110V
Lamp Current: 6,1A
Rated Lifespan: 28 000h
Socket: E40

The new Sunkraft HPS 600W PLUS is superior quality HPS bulb with a 5% more PAR than a standard HPS 600W thanks to its high quality burner, same as used by the leading lamps manufacturer.

The Sunkraft brand, is known for using of high pressure lamps with high output power, extremely long lifetime and without start flickering. The energy efficient lamp supplies 10% more light than standard HPS lamps and increases the size of flower to high altitude. They have been developed for maximum energy emitting orange light to red during the flowering stage.

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