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Pitpuk Starter kit 125mm
Pitpuk Starter kit 125mm
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PITPUK Starter Kit 125mm

Flange: 125mm
Height: 213mm
Diameter: 367mm
Max Airflow: 240m³/h
Optimal Airflow: 160m³/h
Weight: 2.94Kg (3.72Kg Gross Weight)
Activated carbon: 1Kg
Pallet Quantity: 48 pcs

The PITPUK is a unique modular filter system for odor removal with efficient adsorption of odour particles due to CTC80 highly activated virgin carbon with 3mm pellets. The activated carbon cartridges are easily interchangeable. The service life can be up to two years depending on the air-flow, humidity and organic compounds.

Starter Kit Box include: 1x PIT-125mm, 1x PUK360-3mm, 1x bracket, 8× 20mm Z2 screws, 4× 57mm PZ2 screws

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