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Sunmaster Cool Deluxe Metal Halide 600W 7,2K
Sunmaster Cool Deluxe Metal Halide 600W 7,2K
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Initial Lumens (Lumens 100 hours) 50000 </p><p>PAR Watts 174 </p><p>Rated Life (Hrs. 10Hr. /Start) 10000

Correlated Colour Temperature K 10000

Chromaticity (CIE – X,Y) 338 351

Colour Rendering Index (CRI) 65

Typical Warm Up Time (Minutes) 3-5

Typical Hot Restart Time (Minutes) 5-10

Burning Position Universal


Base Designation E40

Bulb Designation T76

Bulb Diameter (mm) 76

Overall Length (mm) 283

Light Centre Length (mm) 175

Effective Arc Length (mm) 64

Max. Base Temperature (°C) 250
Max. Bulb Temperature (°C) 525

Luminaire Type Enclosed

Socket Pulse Rating (KV) 4-5


Lamp Wattage (W) 600

Operating Voltage (V) 110

Operating Current (Amps) 6.2

Min. Open Circuit Voltage (RMS) 198

Min.-Max. Starting Pulse (Peak V) 4-5

Min. Pulse Width @ 2700 Volts (µ sec) 2

Min. Pulse Rate Per ½ Cycle 1
Pulse Position (Min. % OCV Peak) 60-90 240-270

“SUNMASTER lamps are more effective than standard Metal Halide or HPS lamps, providing up to 10% more 'Red' light and 70% more 'Blue' light respectively.”

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