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IONIC Alpha Coco A+B 1L
IONIC Alpha Coco A+B 1L
IONIC Alpha Coco A+B 1L
IONIC Alpha Coco A+B 1L
20,00 €

Alpha Coco is a twin pack nutrient, precisely formulated for use on all coco (coir) substrates.

It has the correct levels pf calcium and magnesium to maintain availability of these elements and give strong plant growth in coco.

Alpha Coco contains a full profile of mineral and organic nutrients, amino acids, pure organic plant extracts as well as humic and fulvic acids.

For use throughout the grow and bloom phase of all plants grown in coco. For exceptional results and heavy harvests.

A full profile of mineral nutrients providing instant availability of crucial nutrition for plants grown in coco (coir).

Specific organic nutrients, to provide slow release nutrition for the plant throughout different growth phases and a food source for beneficial microorganisms in the coco.

L-form amino acids to boost growth metabolism, reduce stress and increase production of crucial phytohormones.

Pure organic plant extracts to enhance plant growth.

Humic and fulvic acids to provide natural chelation and better uptake of essential elements, enhanced root growth and boosted enzymatic activity in the plant.

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