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Orca "the fifty" 120x65cm
Orca "the fifty" 120x65cm
Orca "the fifty" 120x65cm
Orca "the fifty" 120x65cm
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Orca “The Fifty”

SpecificationsOR50-120: W x H: 100 × 60 cm – Tubes Ø16 to Ø21 mm – Width 120 cm
OR50-150: W x H: 130 × 60 cm – Tubes Ø16 to Ø21 mm – Width 150 cm

Delivered individually :

A sheet includes :
- Orca Sheet
- 4x CableIT16
- 4x CableIT19
- 4x Elastic
  • “ Orca the fifty : get up to 25% more photons by keeping the current lighting system and without spending more electricity “
  • Orca is a fabric highly reflective, developped and certified by the compagny California Grow Films LLC ( and dedicated to Hydroponic culture.
  • Design with a fabric of microfiber white plastic, the Orca sheets allow to increase the number of photons that your plant will absorb (see Specter and P.A.R for more details):
  • In a tent 120×120 cm, you will obtain 8% more of photons with the orca the sheets and 25% more with 4 sheets.
  • So an HPS600 will provide :
    - 650 Watts with 2 sheets
    - 750 Watt with 4 sheets
  • Careful : you will then need to increase the other settings of your system such as the fans, nutriment, water, CO2 …
  • « Orca the Fifty » is by individual sheet, allowing you to choose your set up (1,2,3 or 4 sheets)
  • They are compatible with all our products with width of 120 and150 cm (except Intense range), CableIT are provided with the kit, allowing to change the height of the sheet easily and giving you easy access to your plants.

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