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Plant Magic+ Granules 700g
Plant Magic+ Granules 700g
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Soil-Enhancer – increases root mass by 700%

Granules potting-up mix increases root growth, improves stress tolerance and forms a barrier against root disease. Add a tablespoon of this to your pots at the start of your grow and see the benefits.
It’s made up of Mycorrhiza, bio-stimulants and over 20 strains of microorganisms, adding 20g (approximately a tablespoon) of this mix to 10 litres of soil creates a rich beneficial micro life within the soil to improve root growth, disease resistance and tolerance of stress, cold, heat and drought.
The Mycorrhiza increase root mass which increases the uptake of water and nutrients and improves tolerance of under-watering.
The Microorganisms and bio-stimulants form a barrier against fungal pathogens such as fusarium and pythium, fix nitrogen and re-establish bio-activity.
To maximise the power of the granules, water in with VEG BOOST at 1.5ml per litre

Benefits of Granules

Improved root growth (up to 700% increase in mass)
Increases disease and stress tolerance
Provides a beneficial micro-population
Improves nutrient availability and uptake
Reduces the risk of pathogens
Promotes Nitrogen fixers

How to Use
Sprinkle a healthy dose into and around the potting hole to line it at every stage of potting up. Use approximately 20g when potting up into a 10ltr pot.
To maximise the power of the granules, water in ONLY with VEG BOOST at 1.5ml per litre after potting up.

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