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TechGrow T-2 Pro CO2 controller
TechGrow T-2 Pro CO2 controller
549,00 €

The T-2 Pro is an unparalleled device that controls the CO2 value, temperature and humidity in your growing area.

Because of this unique combination you can dose your CO2during the day, while letting your fan extract excess CO2and moisture produced by your plants during the night. The T-2 increases ventilation at high temperatures, but this can be overruled by setting the temperature set-point (very) high.
This completely redesigned controller is compatible with many other TechGrow devices. The T-2 Pro measures, controls and displays CO2, humidity and temperature values of connected sensors and it registers min/max values.
With easy to operate fan-control by means of the Box-menu.
Including quick menu’s which offer a concise overview of all settings and measurements.


  • All CO2 settings are equal to the T-1 Pro.
  • Extraction of excess CO2 and humidity during the night.
  • Unique calibration menu for adjusting every box, regardless of the size.
  • LED indicator for CO2 dosage, light detection and a stable climate.
  • Controls CO2, temperature and humidity simultaneously.
  • All settings are saved during power outages.
  • Dimmer power available in 4.5A, 7A and 14A versions.
  • All set-, hysteresis- and alarm values are separately adjustable.
  • Quickmenu for a fast summary of all settings and measurements.
  • The fan can be operated automatically or manually.
  • Fan and CO2 outlets are fused separately.
  • The fan-control is adjustable in steps of 10%.
  • Includes an unique feature where the fan can be adjusted in two simple steps.
  • Connectable to multiple TechGrow devices.
  • Possibility to connect the Techgrow Datalogger (DL-1).

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