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TechGrow S-4 sensor / 2.000PPM
TechGrow S-4 sensor / 2.000PPM
288,99 €
The TechGrow S-4 All-in-One Sensor measures the CO2 level, temperature value as well as the humidity in your space, and it also detects light. You can connect this sensor to multiple TechGrow controllers − a unique combination that provides complete control! The internal nondispersive infrared (NDIR) sensor from Senseair, trusted leader in CO2 measurement, informs your controller about the CO2 level and indicates CO2 dosing duration and volume. The measurement of temperature and humidity is also done with a high-quality precision sensor. This way, the best growth conditions for your crops are guaranteed. The S-4 All-in-One Sensor's built-in light sensor allows for automatic switch between day and night mode. In addition, this CO2 sensor has a switch to bypass the light sensor; the sensor will behave as if it detects light constantly, which enables to dose CO2 in the dark. Moreover, this All-in-One Sensor is equipped with a built-in calibration function for fresh air calibration (400ppm). The calibration menu can only be accessed via a connected CO2 controller. To prevent unwanted calibration, this CO2 sensor has a built-in switch.

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