Secret Jardin TLED Grow 26W 6500k LED kasvivalaisin

Secret Jardin

Secret Jardin TLED Grow 26W 6500k LED kasvivalaisin

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The TLED strip light by Secret Jardin is a new, LED grow light venture, from the renowned European grow tent manufacture. The TLED Growing model, fitted with 144 leds 6500K. Its designed for the growing cycle, and although in small spaces it can be used on its own, to get the most out of it, use it to supplement your main growing lamp, whether HPS or LED, to encourage additional growth and essential oil production. Powered by Neon LED technology, lights have a life span of 30,000 hours and being just 26w, they have minimal power consumption and heat dissipation, but still produce the same amount of light output to a 55W twin tube grow lamp. One of the great features of the Secret Jardin TLED grow lamp is the inclusion of hanging hooks allowing the lamp to be clipped, horizontally and vertically, direct to grow tent poles that have a diameter of 16 – 21mm, or can also be hung conventionally with rope ratchets or similar. Lamps measure just 540 x 40 x 30mm, weigh 360 grams each and are ready to use straight out of the box as it comes fitted with a 1.8m cable, just plug in and go, or connect it to a segmental timer if a specific light schedule is required.















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